Sunday, January 23, 2011

Popcorn And A Movie......

With Valentine's Day just around the corner I decided to make a list of some of my favorite romantic movies for my daughter.  I love her to death but we have very different tastes in movies.  My all time favorite love story is Gone With The Wind.  We watched it together and she couldn't wait until it ended.  Maybe she'll look at this list and decide she would like to watch a couple of them with her dear mom.  What are some of the romantic movies that you have enjoyed over the years?
  1. Gone With The Wind (1939)" Frankly my dear I don't give a damn."
  2. You Got Mail (1998)  Watch it every time it's on.
  3. Camelot (1967)  The pain in Richard Harris's eyes is heart wrenching.
  4. The Bridges of Madison County (1995)  When her hand is on the car door handle my heart aches for her.
  5. Out Of Africa (1995)  Gorgeous,  breathtaking scene stealing scenery.  Great costumes too.
  6. City of Angels (1998)   Meg Ryan tear jerker.
  7. An Affair to Remember (1957) The end of the movie when Cary Grant goes to her apartment. Make sure you have tissues. 
  8. Legends of the Fall (1995)  Brad Pitt :)  Need I say more.
  9. Something's Gotta Give (2003)  I'm in love with the beach house.
  10. The Way We Were (1973)  Robert Redford in Navy dress whites. Wow!
  11. The Notebook (2004)  I watch it when ever I need a good cry.  Very cathartic.
  12. Romancing the Stone (1984)  Lots of fun action along with romance.
  13. On Golden Pond (1981)  Their love lasted a lifetime.
  14. Pretty Woman (1990)   Modern day Cinderella story.
  15. Beauty and the Beast (1991)   My all time favorite Disney movie. A love story with a lesson.
  16. A Star is Born (1976)  When Barbra Streisand wipes Kris Kristofferson's face at the car crash.


  1. I loved Gone with the Wind, too. Probably my all time favorite romantic movie is Dr. Zhivago with Omar Sharif. Now I have seen that MANY MANY times and never love it less. I also like anything with Meg Ryan in it. Susan Branch has a list of romantic movies, too. I'll have to check it out again now that Valentine's Day is around the corner. Take care. Susan

  2. Don't forget An Officer and a Gentleman when Richard Gere walks into the factory and scoops her up.........ummmm did it just get warm in here?

  3. Well, I was gonna add Dr. Zhivago and An Officer and a Gentleman... but here were the "nods" to those romantic movies already. I agree with Kim, the scene with Richard Gere is hands down, the most romantic thing I've ever seen!


  4. Add Chocolat and Return to Me to the list!

  5. "Something's gotta give" is one of my favourite movies. My boys groan whenever I put it on. As for the beach house...I'd love one just like it please. Have you watched "It's complicated" with Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin? It's another romance with humour.

  6. I love Gone with the Wind too and you know I cannot get my daughter to watch with me either. You know, I really enjoy I know this sounds nuts but things blowing up and car crashes now more than I like chick movies. I don't know when It changed. I mean my favorites now are books made into movies like Dickens, and ones like that. Weird huh. I didn't realize it until I was reading your list. And trying to write a coherent comment. :)

  7. Great choices! I love Gone With the Wind. I just bought it for my oldest daughter for Christmas this year. Every southerner has to watch Gone With the Wind.

    Come by for a giveaway I am having.


  8. I'd also add "Once Around" and "The American President" . . . make me cry every time!

  9. Oh my all time fav - "Bringing up Baby" with cary grant & katie hepburn - I still laugh hysterically even though I know the plot lol!

  10. Definitely Dr Zhivago! Casablanca, Sleepless in Seattle, Doris day and Cary Grant movies, Audrey Hepburn-Gregory Peck, Roman Holiday! Sabrina! Love the old movies!
    But then I liked Hope Floats, and definitely Pretty Woman, the end on the fire escape :)
    Such a long list! And mostly everything on your list! I love Romantic comedies best, but have to say that City of Angels was a fave!
    Fun post!

  11. I love The Way We Were, Golden Pond, and Out of Africa. But also I love The French Lieutenant's Woman with Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons; it has one of the best love scenes (not like today's movies). I'll have to see what the video store has in for Valentines day also. Somehow, I'll try to get to see An Affair to Remember. Maybe there is a movie available on a computer site. I love Cary Grant's older movies. Thanks for the sweet post. Brianne

  12. I love You've Got Mail and watch it every fall! But I also love Family Man and While You Were Sleeping, probably because it was filmed in Chicago... and well, I love Chicago! :D

  13. I a bit of a romantic comedy girl myself. I loved Sleepless in Seattle and You've got Mail but then I love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. I liked When Harry met Sally too. BUT my favourite love story is Only You with Robert Downy Jnr and Marisa Tomei. The ending is so soppy but lovely. Ahhh lovely Sunday afternoon film with a box of choccies. Must go and have a watch of it again.

  14. Legend of the Fall.. my heart broke in pieces over that film - besides the breathtaking scenery...

    Somethings gotta give ... oh for that beach house!...

    have you seen It's Complicated? Hilarious and you'de love it...and the house!

  15. And my all time favorite - Dirty Dancing. Great list. My Blue Heaven is right up there as well.


  16. Sounds wonderful ! Hubby and I have two favorites The note book and On Golden Pond yes hubby like's these movies as well hes a big softy ! Have a great time and a good day !

  17. Breakfast at Tiffanys...Princess Bride...Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth version)...

  18. I love "gone with the wind" I read the book ...five times!!!!But I prefer to watch it by myself..have a nice week, hugs, Flavia

  19. I love many of them, not seen all of them, but many on my list.

    One of my favourites is - 'What dreams may come' - (Robin Williams) a bit dark in places but lovely.

    'The Holiday' I love too, I've always thought of going to America one day and seeing that movie made it more real for me (english cottage swap with an american house).

    'The Lake house' does it for me too!

    What a great idea - thank you!


    ps the beach house in 'somethings got to give' is amazing!

  20. The Notebook and Beauty and the Beast are two of my absolute favorites (right after rocky, harry potter and finding nemo) we'll watch them while we make pad thai lol.

  21. Oh ... romantic movies! Jane Austen's novel Persuasion adapted for BBC -love it! Gone With the Wind - a classic. Tristan and Isolde - so romantic! Sleepless in Seattle - who doesn't love Tom Hanks as that hapless grieving Dad?
    Somewhere In time - Christopher Reeve as a time traveling lover what a guy! The Time Traveler's Wife - true love back and forth in time... sigh. Happy Valentine's and Happy Viewing, everyone!

  22. Love all these movies. I remember watching Legend on the Fall at the movie theater when I was dating...all my good old memories *sign*

    Happy Valentine's day to you...and hope that you are sit back and relax watching all these romantics movies :D

  23. I bet your daughter would love Ghost Town! Its a winner and so funny. I'm adding some of your movies to my list. Stay warm! Susan :)

  24. 'You've Got Mail' is an adaptation of the 1940 Jimmy Stewart movie 'The Shop Around the Corner'. A very good movie if you haven't seen it.

    I also really like 'My Fair Lady' and its predecessor 'Pygmalion". When Eliza returns at the end and fills in where the recorder leaves off......

  25. A Walk in the Clouds, 1995, is also known to draw tears...

  26. oh...The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, 1947, brings chills every time at the end.

  27. Fun Post! I love so many of yours. Some of mine are: When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and Sweet November to name a few :) So fun!

  28. What a great list!
    You listed many of mu favorites-
    The hardest romantic movies to watch were those with frustrating endings:
    Legends of the Fall and The Way We Were.

    Sigh... great movies.


  29. Oh, I love Beauty and The Beast so much too! Going to watch it this week with the kids. I had it on video but have gotten rid of all videos now that they are obsolete and had never replaced it on DVD.

  30. I think you have captured them all there! My fave is The Notebook, but anything with Meg Ryan in usually works too.

  31. What an amazing list!!! I love every single movie on there!!!

  32. i have that same bowl that your popcorn is in

    LOVE the list..i LOVE Bridges of Madison County too...LOVE the Farmhouse and her garden...and the kitchen...

    and i think Pretty Woman is one of my most favorite movies of all time...

    movie night sounds FUN...and poor Bella..i am watching The Weather Channel alot lately and i always say to john...what about the animals????? i worry about them so much...

    are you getting excited about our Sarabeth Day? i am.

    stay cozy and warm

    kary and teddy

  33. My goodness, you named most of my favorite movies.... I would have to add Franco Zeferelli's Romeo and Juliet from 1969 to the list!!!

  34. I love Moonstruck because it reminds me of so many people I know and it has such wonderful Brooklyn/Manhattan scenes. Cher was wonderful in it! I also love Casablanca, The Ghost and Mrs Muir, Titanic, and Amelie.

  35. I really enjoyed "The Piano" - although I'm not a great movie person. I much prefer sitting down to a good book!!

  36. Great list. I also like Green Card, Crossing Delancey, Notting Hill, Serendipity, and The Sure Thing.

    Hope you don't get snowed in!

  37. Oh thank you...I am always on the lookout (and need reminders) for the great movie to watch with my popcorn:)
    Bridges of Madison County. I cry every time.

  38. Hi!
    This is not a cooking comment, it's something differten.
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  39. Greetings from Southern California.

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You, ~Ron

  40. Hi,im not sure if i already stopped by but i just wanted to say thank you for visitng my blog and im glad you enjoyed it!
    Love Kirsty xxx

  41. This was such a fun post! And so fun to read the comments and see what movies everyone loves! I got out a notebook and wrote a lot of them down that I haven't seen before!
    Have a pretty day!

  42. My favorite is an oldie, Random Harvest with Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman. It's from the 40s and has war, amnesia, found love, lost love, and more.

    Love your popcorn bowl, btw.

  43. All wonderful choices! I need to keep your list, although I've seen most... they are ones I could watch over and over. Early Happy Valentine's Day! -Tammy

  44. what a wonderful list :) some i know and love and some i haven't yet seen, but am now going to put on my list of ones to watch.
    can you believe i still haven't seen gone with the wind? and i am so sure i'd love it. fortunately my daughters and i share similar tastes in film.
    my youngest daughter and i have a film and feast night almost every friday, it's such fun :)
    thank you, i have so enjoyed this post, you have given me much inspiration xx

    wishing you a lovely 1st week of feb.

    warmest hugs xxx


  45. Out of Africa is one of my all time favourites...just the theme tune makes me cry. And it's very sad to hear of the death of John Barry, composer. He wrote such beautiful music.

  46. Oh you've got a lovely list of romantic movies there...and I love them all.

    I remember watching 'Love story' with my Mom and we both enjoyed it, the one with Ally McGraw and Ryan O'Neal. And I love Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, a real feel good movie. 'A walk to remember' never fails to make me cry.

  47. I once saw Love Actually on a flight home from Paris. My friends and I were laughing and crying at this cheesy but sweet movie full of big name stars. When I bought the DVD I was shocked to find one storyline they understandably left out of the inflight version. I still love this move (minus the porn stars) Love Actually starring Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightly, Laure Linney, Colin Firth. Need I say more?

  48. This is such a great list! I will echo the comment above mine. Love Actually is a great movie as well! :)

  49. I loved Legends of the Fall. Also, The Holiday and The Lake House are two of my favorites.

  50. Very good choices.....I love most of these on your list.

  51. these are some awesome choices. okay, i cry every time with city of angels and meryl streep is fantastic in that movie.

  52. Hi Susan, I like all the ones you listed.. 'two great minds with one single thought'

    be well, warm hugs,

  53. Love your blog so now I am a new follower.
    It is a pleasure te meet your blog!
    Have a nice day!


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