Monday, October 11, 2010

Parker's Maple Barn

This past weekend we took a short trip up to New Hampshire to one of my favorite places to have breakfast. Located in Mason New Hampshire, you can read all about Parker's Maple Barn Restaurant here. They have a great gift shop with loads of their very own maple syrup and maple products.

The restaurant was packed so I felt awkward about taking out my camera and snapping pictures while everyone was eating their breakfast. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the inside to this quaint  little restaurant.  I did however manage to snap a few of the outside area .

We assumed that the license plate must belong to the owner of Parker's.  After all it is a genuine working maple sugar farm. 

Parker's is usually packed and the wait can be up to one and a half hours. We were lucky this weekend though and got in and seated in about twenty minutes.  But for times when we are not so lucky and the wait is longer we can go to The Outpost  and purchase a  maple donut and a cup of hot coffee while we wait.   The small Outpost building happens to be right next to the sugar house pictured below .

After you get your donut and coffee there is this sweet little covered bridge with benches inside to sit and wait for your name to be called over the loud speaker.

We however did not have a seat in the bridge this time but  instead  went directly to the gift shop to stock up on maple syrup and other maple products that struck our fancy

The gift shop was fun,  our breakfast  was delicious and as usual the ride up was well worth it.


  1. Hey, I thought I was supposed to go with you! I love that place!!! Beautiful photos!

  2. What a great place to have breakfast! Just loike I imagine New England to look like.
    We like maple syrup on our pancakes too!
    Love kathy xxx

  3. Oh this place is so so cute! I love the pics!

  4. OH MY! Making a trip to IKEA in the next week or two, will be going through coastal NH...Is this place close enough to make a detour. What a charm! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I miss living in New England and going to great places like this.

  6. Sounds wonderful! I plan on trying your scones.
    They look yummy. I love to watch Ina.I have been to mason to pickety place. It is pretty fun if you have never been.

  7. Now this looks like my kind of place. I never refuse donuts or coffee! x


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