Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Snow......

We had quite a snow storm today. When it winds down later this evening the storm will have dropped  a foot of snow.  Usually a storm this big  means a snow day.  So.....this afternoon dressed for the weather, I decided it was a good day to use my  new snowshoes. It was cold, snowy and a lot of fun.  You can feel you muscles working almost immediately and I loved it.  Snowshoeing is a great cold weather activity.  I wish I had tried it years ago.  Here is some information on the benefits of snowshoeing from the Tubbs brand snowshoe website.
Snowshoeing improves your coordination, balance and endurance, so you’ll become a more fit walker. Here are the benefits of snowshoeing for walkers:
• Enhanced total body strength, which boosts energy and endurance
• Tone hip flexors, thigh muscles, and butt, due to the lifting motion involved in every step forward
• Improved arm strength as a result of the swaying you’ll do to propel yourself forward, with or without snowshoe poles
My hips are hurting already! 


  1. i LOVE snowshoeing and i am so glad you are back! hope you are doing okay!

  2. Wow! I had no idea it was such a good workout. Too bad it doesn't snow here, I could really use the exercise... LOL! I hope you're staying warm!

  3. Hey Susan,
    I would love to go snow shoeing with you. I have always wanted to do that. I think it looks like so much fun.
    thank you so much for your lovely comment, and yes, I have done that too, especially when me and my husband are shopping, and I am chattering away and look up and he is no where to be found. At least the cat wasn't expecting anything. You sound so good and I am so glad you got to have a snow day.

  4. More snow is on the way, so we hear. Those snow shoes may have lots of opportunities! Stay safe and warm.

  5. Wasn't this a beauty of a storm ?!? Bet you had a ball out tromping about in it! Did Bella go along for a romp too?

  6. You go girl! Maybe if I tape up my ankle I can go with you!

  7. we've just had too much rain... can we have some of your snow now?

    1. Dom, it's Mary fm OB&CS, we can send snow by the boatload we have so much! LOL

  8. This was definitely the year for someone to take up snow shoeing!! Seems like every Wednesday we get a storm

  9. I anxious to try this! I love walking in all weather and this would be a unique and fun way to enjoy outdoor time and get exercise. Gosh.. the snow keeps coming doesn't it?? It's in the teens and twenties here in WA and we will get a little snow over the weekend. Not much by east coast standards but perfect for us and we need it!

  10. I gave my husband snowshoes for Christmas two years ago, and we haven't had enough snow since then for him to use them. He says it's my fault we've had no snow, since I'm the one who gave him the snowshoes. I'm sure there's someone who wouldn't mind sharing. :)

  11. Sounds like you're having fun with the snow, that's a great attitude! Good for you:@)

  12. I snow shoed on Thursday and I still feel it so out of shape.

  13. How funny I just read about Cathy doing this very same activity on her site. I am cold just reading about
    you guys doing this. I would imagine you use parts of your body that gives you an amazing workout.
    Your ole Texas friend acts like it is 30 below here every day so this could be my longest winter of all times. haha I can't imagine living where you need snow shoes. haha
    Oh I wanted to tell you I love your headboard pics. So neat.
    Stay warm


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