Wednesday, April 20, 2011

There's No Crying In Baseball......

Guess what friends!  There is crying in baseball. There's lots of crying in baseball.  Especially when you're a Red Sox fan and your team has had the worse start in the clubs storied history. Things are looking up though, well sort of and I try to remain hopeful.  I have stopped switching channels during the games and have put a plug on the bad language I seemed to mutter through my clinched teeth.  Still there are times I just can't bear to watch.  During these stressful times I will pop in one of my favorite baseball movies.  Here's my list....swing batter batter swing!
  1. Fever Pitch (2005) Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. A very familiar story for obsessed  Red Sox fans.
  2. Field of Dreams (1989)Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones.  If you build it he will come.
  3. A League of Their Own (1992) Geena Davis, Tom Hanks and Madonna. Women's Baseball League during WWII.  There's no crying in baseball.  I love that line.
  4. The Natural (1984)  Robert Redford, Glenn Close. A baseball player who has unnatural baseball talents.
  5. Bull Durham (1988) Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon.  Will he make it to the "SHOW."
  6. For the Love of the Game (1999) Kevin Costner, Kelly Preston. An aging pitcher gives up much to play the game. 
  7. The Rookie (2002) Dennis Quaid. A high school baseball coach makes it to the major leagues after his team wins the championship.
  8. Angels In the Outfield (1994) Danny Glover, Tony Danza and Christopher Lloyd.  A young fan prays for a miracle.
  9. Sandlot (1993) James Earl Jones.  Just about being a kid and loving baseball.
  10. Major League ( 1989) Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen and Rene Russo. Raunchy and very funny. 


  1. WOW! I didn't even know that many existed on the baseball topic!
    Looks like the boys (and I) need a movie weekend.....

  2. Great list! I couldn't even pick a favorite from that list but I would add Pride of the Yankee's, was a great baseball movie even for a non-Yankee fan.

  3. I have seen them all and loved them all! We are Red Sox fans too.

    I love a good game but sometimes I just can't watch.


  4. Chin up, it's a long season! I have Bull Durham and the two Major Leagues, always good for a chuckle:@)
    PS-Oh and, go Phils!

  5. I am rather jealous! We can't get a single baseball game over here... not a one. :(

    So cheer for me! Or swear by turn... :D

  6. There's DEFINITELY no crying this year in baseball if you're not a Red Sox fan. Sorry.. I'm a Yankee girl from NY :-)

  7. just say the words "Field of Dreams" and i'm crying...pass the tissues please.-xok.

  8. When I was a kid I lived for the opening day of baseball. When I was a kid so did my Mom. Except I was a fan of the Big Red Machine, the Cincinnati Reds. Johnny Callison went out with my Mom. It sounds like a fun thing to watch all of those movies.
    I have seen most of them. :)

  9. They are the team that I love to hate, no matter how many times they break my heart . . . I keep going back! LOL!!! When it good it's good . . .

    Love the movie list, I think I've seen all of them and my favorite is Fever Pitch!

  10. My late great-grandmother was an obsessive baseball fan. She loved the Dodgers and watched every. single. game. until she died. Your baseball posts always make me smile, since they remind me of her!

  11. It is no fun being on the losing side. My Mother loved baseball. I can't help but think of how much she look forward to the games, once the season begins.

  12. Oh it is crying time what is their problem?
    I just can't watch it is like a train wreck.
    well it is still early.
    Happy Easter

  13. Being from England I cannot share whats going on (or not by the sounds of things!) with the Red Sox, but I do love that film Field of Dreams!
    Sorry to hear they're not doing well and causing you grief!
    Just dream about those hens and henhouses!
    I too would love chickens, but it would be a real squeeze here, and like you, something would have to give - I'm campaigning for the unused scruffy bonfire corner but to no avail (cos hubby loves bonnies).
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with your daughter home - how lovely!
    Gill xx

  14. When they win, it's such a high, but when they 'crash and burn' it's such a low! I've been taping the games so I can do a fast forward if it gets too painful! Haha! The one good thing is that it's still early in the season! Tell Carl Crawford there's no cryin'; he looks so dejected!

    I'm looking forward to watching 'A League of Their Own' again! What a fun flick!


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